High Precision Semi-Automatic CMM 3D Coordinate measuring machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: UNIMETRO
Certification: CE
Model Number: Helium 666
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Discussible
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 15-30days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 40
Detail Information
Product Name: 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine Overall Diamension: 1350*1580*2680mm
Max Part Weight: 1.0T Machine Weight: 1.9T
MPEe: ≤ 1.8+L/300 (μm) MPEp: ≤ 2.5μm
Scale Resolution: 0.5um Work Table Size: 638 X 860 Mm

Product Description

High Precision Semi-Automatic CMM 3D Coordinate measuring machine



● Patent double passive vibration damping:
CMM is mostly used in the company and near by the other machines and transport truck. The
vibration influences the precision of CMM. Make a special foundation is one solution but this will
cost and trouble. Our CMM has the patent support with double passive vibration damping
Integrated directly in the machine frame. Thus the machine may be suitably positioned close to
production. No need the special foundation for this CMM in most cases.UNIMETRO METROLOGY
● High quality granite worktable:
Worktable is the support of all the CMM, its quality is important for the performance! Our CMM is
made with high precision, heavy and stable natural granite worktable from “Mount TAI”; this can
support vibration damping and improve the performance of CMM.
● Enclosed guides in all axes:
The environment of the CMM has strict requirement, but some different such as the temperature
and dust are possible in the measurement room. As a standard, all our CNC machines are fitted with
enclosed guides. This protects the guide ways from damage, dirt, and direct thermal influences. This
can prevent external dust and temperature changes. It’s important for usage in dusty environment.
● Friction “automatic rectifying” transmission:
Our CMM uses patent friction transmission, and has the “automatic rectifying” system in all axes.
The transmission system using “fixed + micro suspension” structure to ensure transmission is parallel
with guide way. That makes the measuring machine largely maintenance-free.
● Imported key parts:
Key parts are most important for the stable of machine. Only with the best design and best quality
of key parts can make the long time stable of CMM. All the key parts are famous brands(servo
motor, transmission system, pneumatic system etc.)This can make best precision and service life of
the CMM.
● RENISHAW optical scale:
Optical scale is one of most important part for CMM; RENISHAW is the best flag in the domain of
CMM parts. It has the best products and best service reputation! Our CMM use always RENISHAW
high accuracy optical scale. Resolution is 0.5 um.
● Air bearing surround guide way in all 4 sides
Air bearing guide way using 4 sides surrounded structure! This is the symbol of stable and quality! In
our CMM, each axis has many air pressure regulators in different directions and pneumatic bearings,
annular pneumatic bearing design guaranties instruments steady during moving.UNIMETRO METROLOGY
● Small holes technology
Air consumption: 150NL/Min. Small holes technology, this makes condensate zone between air
bearing and guide way. It can offset the little heat comes from the motion friction! This technology
improves the thermal stability of the CMM and keeps the long term precision stability.
Brand:                           UNIMETRO
Model:                           Helium
Measuring Area:           X:505mm,Y:405mm,Z:405mm
Overall Dimension:       1350*1580*2680mm
Max Part Weight:          1.0T
Machine Weight:           1.9T
MPEe:                           ≤ 1.8+L/300 (μm)
MPEp:                           ≤ 2.5μm
Scale Resolution:          0.5μm
Max 3D Speed:             500mm/s
Max 3D Acceleration:    900mm/s²
Work Table Size:            638*860mm
Displacement Speed:     520mm/s
Measuring Speed:          8mm/s
Rational - DMIS is a newly developed large-scale integrated 3D measurement software
package. In addition to the development and design of studio software, which takes into account
the requirements of beginners for easy learning and use of the software and the functional
requirements of high-level users for the software, more importantly, it has become a model for
CMM measurement software standardization.
Rational DMIS programs are designed with the full and native DMIS kernel until version 5.0 of
DMIS, which is totally different from the so-called "support DMIS" (the kernel is not DMIS). As we
all know, DMIS has become an ISO standard (ISO 22093:2003)
High Precision Semi-Automatic CMM 3D Coordinate measuring machine 0
◆ Rational-DMIS The functions of the package include:
→ Rational-DMIS Measuring software,Its unique features include:
● Online and offline programming, real-time display of measurement path and provide collision
● Full DMIS kernel, DMIS 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 measurement languages can be applied. Compatible
with any software using DMIS.
● Various CAD interface formats are supported, including CATIA ® V4, CATIA V5, Pro / E ®, UG ®,
Parasolid ®, hoops ®, step ® and IGES ®“
● Graphics engine is ACIS, one of the most powerful engines in the world. It can easily control
large-scale CAD digital and analog files through CATIA professional verification.
● Algorithm is PTB certified (Level 1)UNIMETRO METROLOGY
● The fastest point-to-point scanning, with scanning interval of 0.002mm
● It can achieve the processing speed of "point cloud" of laser scanning data of 20000 points /
second, so it can expand the function to use laser probe to detect and reverse.
● All Renishaw product data models are built in to realize the analog assembly, automatic
calibration and temperature compensation of probe probe.
→ The basic functions of the software include:
● Based on Windows operating system, graphical interface, and user-defined, convenient and
intuitive operation
● Measurement function of all 2D and 3D geometric elements
● Have English layout and online English help
● Tolerance evaluation of geometric elements conforming to ISO standards, including straightness,
flatness, roundness, cylindricity, parallelism, perpendicularity, angle, symmetry, position,
coaxiality, concentricity, axial runout, radial runout, total runout, etc.
● Calculation of geometric relationship, including construction, projection, parallelism,
intersection, perpendicularity, tangency, best fit and correction.
● Translation, rotation, conversion and mirror function of coordinate system.
● Feature quantity guide, self recognition and rapid measurement of geometric element features,
and click to automatically generate measurement program.
● The DMIS program language can be expressed in a common language (including Chinese). It is
very easy for the operator to interpret the meaning of DMIS statements. It has the same
program interface as windows browser and can realize drag program modification. Program
mirroring is possible.
● There are various ways to establish coordinate system, including geometric method, 3-2-1
method, RPS method, best fit method, etc., and two alignment methods, manual and guide, are
provided. It is applicable to all industries such as machining, automobile, mould checking tool,
blade, etc
● Parts coordinate system automatic approach function, rough coordinate system can be built,
and then the system can automatically Zhao Zheng to approach the best state.
● The "template" function is convenient to call the existing benchmark, calibration, measurement
program and other new programs.
● The "self-learning" method is used to prepare the part program.
● Real time display function of actual measurement results
● Various 2D / 3D graphic reports, including PDF, Excel, IGES, HTML and other formats
The UCC from RENISHAW, Controller with integrated servo rack, controller platform and CPU consists of three electric circuits. The controller gains CE certification (Europe) and UL certification (USA).
High Precision Semi-Automatic CMM 3D Coordinate measuring machine 1
Technical Parameters:
● Single CPU processor,32 bit processor. True real-time control.
● 19’ rack,weight 19kg
● Direct connection to 220V, 50/60HZ, single-phase, connected load 1300Watt
● Complies with EN50082, EN50081 regulations
● Temperature range- operation: 10℃ to 45℃
● Relative air humidity: 10% to 95% non-condensing
● Performance: max. Positioning speed with 1µm resolution
● Look ahead, acceleration profile S-profile
● Incremental RS422, 1/T Sub-count Interpolation
● Counter frequency to max. 10MHz
● Connection facilities for incremental transducer (5V-TTL)
● LED to show all important elements’ operating status on the platform
Joystick MCUlite:
Joystick MCU-LITE with 10 control keys and speed control system.
Multi-functional and comprehensive CMM operation unit.
High Precision Semi-Automatic CMM 3D Coordinate measuring machine 2
Probe System:
Probe system consists of three parts :probe heads,probe,stylus.
High Precision Semi-Automatic CMM 3D Coordinate measuring machine 3
Calibration Ball:
Calibration ball Ø20, directly, with thread M10. The spherical reference gauge can be probed from
all six semi-axes.
* Sphere diameter:       20 mm
* Roundness:                ≤0.3 um

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