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Professional Screw Automatic Defect Detection And Sorting Equipment For Angle

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: UNIMETRO
Model Number: U-VS
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Discussible
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 30 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 30 per month
Detail Information
Product Name: Visual Inspection Machine Measuring Product Size: 20~100mm
Configuration: OEM(Depend On The Measuring Requirement) Functions: Over 2000 Kinds.Measuring Defect,size,color,OCR.ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner Etc
Resolution: Up To 1 Um(depend On The Product) Detection Speed: Up To 5000pc/min
Working Type: Full Automatic
High Light:

Screw biological compound microscope


biological compound microscope


Defect Detection And Sorting Equipment

Product Description

Professional Screw Automatic Defect Detection And Sorting Equipment For Angle/Diameter/Groove Depth Measurement


Visual inspection equipment is a high-speed precision automatic measuring and screening equipment which integrates vision measurement software, CCD industrial camera, machinery, industrial computer, electrical, solenoid valve blowing and other functions.


Through the automatic feeding device (vibrating plate, manipulator, belt, etc.), the workpiece to be tested and screened are transported to the detection station one by one through the material conveying device for high-speed photography. Then, the visual inspection software comprehensively evaluates and gives the calculation results. According to the preset good products and layout rules, the workpieces are divided into good and bad products. Finally, the electromagnetic valve is used to blow air into the blanking machine Bit to eliminate to different types of boxes, so as to achieve the detection and screening function of workpiece quality inspection.


Detection Function

* Workpiece size measurement.

* Workpiece appearance defect detection.

* Color recognition and defect detection.

* Character recognition(OCR) and defect detection.

* Bar code recognition and defect detection.

* Coding recognition and defect detection, etc.


Visual Inspection Advantages

* Non-contact,no damage to the workpiece.

* High detection accuracy,up to 0.001mm.

* Fast detection speed,with 5000pcs per minute.

* Improve the overall efficiency of the enterprise.

* Save a lot of manpower and material costs.

* Fully automatic detection,stable and reliable.

* Higher corporate competitiveness.


Application Field

Widely used in mobile phones,electronic products, precision hardware,injection molding products,industrial manufacturing,automobile manufacturing,mechanical processing,powder metallurgy,new energy, components,electrical appliances,clothing,daily necessities,food,medical,pharmaceutical,military,aerospace and other fields.


Screw visual inspection equipment

UNIMETRO screw visual inspection equipment, to provide effective solutions for various appearance defects and dimensional quality problems in the manufacturing process of screw and Non-standard screw.
Automatic visual inspection of various screws appearance defects and dimensions, and intelligent output of inspection reports.
For screw products manufacturers to optimize the production process, reduce production costs, and ultimately ensure that the products have perfect quality.



Chip resistors, chip inductors, chip capacitors, and various component products.




Professional Screw Automatic Defect Detection And Sorting Equipment For Angle 0



1. Automatically detect the appearance defects and dimensions of commutator.

2. All testing items are tested at one time.

3. High versatility, a single device can detect multiple commutator products.

4. Industry-leading defect detection for commutator appearance.
5. Detection speed can reach 800 pieces per minute.

6. Detection accuracy can reach to 0.001mm.

7. Automatic classification and blanking of good and defective products.
8. Automatic feeding and equipped with automatic feeding storage hopper, greatly reducing the frequency of manual feeding.
9. Equipped with imported optical components such as Germany, Japan and Italy.
10. Intelligent output test form to help improve lithium commutator production process.
11. Easy to learn and use, you can work independently after 1-2 days of simple training.
12. 7x24 hours of uninterrupted work.


Detection Items

Size detection Height, tooth outer diameter, tooth bottom diameter, tooth pitch diameter, rod length, head diameter, head thickness, chamfer diameter, step size, opposite side size, diagonal size, groove diameter, groove height, angle, sharpness, concentricity Degree, roundness, solder joint size, etc.
Exterior detection Tooth, tooth injury, plugging in the head groove, head cracking, oblique teeth, solder joints, drop resistance, crushing, scratches, deformation, chamfering, missing processing, character recognition ( Mark detection), mixing

Professional Screw Automatic Defect Detection And Sorting Equipment For Angle 1



Visual Inspection System

--> We have independently developed visual inspection software for more than ten years. We have a core software R & D team, and continuously improve and update the software to maintain the cutting-edge advantage of new technology

--> The software functions are over 2000 kinds, including defects, color, size, copper leakage, OCR and so on. It is a quality control system that can meet the rapid detection of products in more than 100 industries.

--> Full automatic non-contact detection, no damage to the workpiece.

--> The software is programmable and can filter out 32 categories at most. Even a variety of workpieces can be completed at one time, greatly improving the overall efficiency of the enterprise.

--> The detection speed is fast, up to 5000 pieces per min, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the quality control chain.

--> In the rapid detection process, the software can also maintain ultra-high accuracy and accuracy, according to the different workpiece, up to 1um.

--> From detection to screening and even packaging, there is no need for redundant manual operation, which saves labor cost, reduces human impact in the process of quality control, and greatly improves the accuracy.

--> Intelligent software, friendly operation page, simple operation, table can choose simulation data, enhance the rapid contrast processing of large batch of data, and connect with ERP system, improve the efficiency of enterprise data processing, at a glance.


Professional Screw Automatic Defect Detection And Sorting Equipment For Angle 2 Professional Screw Automatic Defect Detection And Sorting Equipment For Angle 3



Appearance defect detection

Professional Screw Automatic Defect Detection And Sorting Equipment For Angle 4

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