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Universal Contour Measuring System Combined Sensor Roughness Measurement Profilometer Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: UNIMETRO
Model Number: SER1000
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Discussible
Packaging Details: wood case
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 15set per month
Detail Information
Sensor: Inductive Roughness Profile Sensor Software: CMS Profile Measurement System&RMW Surface Roughness Measuring And Anlysis System
Applicant: Brake Oil Can,Brake Oil CanA,Spring,Car Fastening Bolt Etc
High Light:

contour measuring instrument


roughness measuring instrument

Product Description


Surface Roughness Tester Contour Measuring System


Universal Surface Roughness And Contour Measuring System Combined Sensor Roughness measurement profilometer machine




Product Description                                                                                                               


Roughness profile measurement analysis basis


The measurable elements of all surfaces include size, shape, roughness and waviness. Many high-profile components need to analyze all of the above elements.

◆ Dimensions: Surface functional shapes defined by the linear relationship between radius, angle, distance, and features.
◆ Shape: deviation from the target shape of the surface (plane, sphere, cone, etc.), usually caused by machine error
◆ Roughness: caused by factors such as cutting tools or machining processes
◆ Waviness: Non-ideal machine effect caused by vibration, insufficient rigidity or other unstable factors in the process









SER1000 Series                                                                                                                         


Features: standard type, low cost of use


● Inductive profile sensor


● No lead roughness measurement


● Small range high precision profile measurement


●  Roughness and profile measurement composite










Measuring Case                                                                                                                


 Universal Contour Measuring System Combined Sensor Roughness Measurement Profilometer Machine 0 Universal Contour Measuring System Combined Sensor Roughness Measurement Profilometer Machine 1


                          Brake oil can                                                          Brake oil canA



 Universal Contour Measuring System Combined Sensor Roughness Measurement Profilometer Machine 2 Universal Contour Measuring System Combined Sensor Roughness Measurement Profilometer Machine 3


                                  Spring                                                             Car fastening bolt





Recommended Size                                                                                                                


Specification number
Measuring range
C:±5mm R:±400µm
Contour accuracy
 Z1 Linear precision¹
Roughness accuracy
 Linear precision
 Residual noise
  Duplicate value
 Cutoff wavelength
 Rating length
Drive speed
Measurement function
Line elements of various types of workpiece surfaces, point features, distance between points and points, distance between lines and lines, position of each element including distance, parallelism, perpendicularity, angle, groove depth, groove width, radius, can be performed Straightness analysis, convexity analysis, profile analysis

 Roughness function:Ra,Rp,Rv,Rz(jis),R3z,RzDIN,Rzj,Rmaz,Rc,Rt,Rq,Rsk,Rku,Rsm,Rsm,Rs,RΔq,Rk,Rpk,Rvk,Mr1,Mr2,Rmr
Waviness parameter:Wa,Wt,Wp,Wv,Wz,Wq,Wsm,Wsk,Wku,Wmr
Original contour parameter:Pa,Pt,Pp,Pv,Pz,Pq,Psm,Psk,Pku,Pmr







System Components                                                                                                                 


Sensor:P series digital contour sensor


   Universal Contour Measuring System Combined Sensor Roughness Measurement Profilometer Machine 4  
● Resolution ratio: 65536:1 / 262144:1

● Range: R:±400µm/±600µm/,C:±5mm/±7.5mm

● Linear precision: R:±7%/±4%,C:0.15%/0.07%

● Residual noise:≤0.025µm/≤0.02µm


● Roughness referance:Guideway, no guide

● Feature description:High-precision integrated inductance sensor can realize not only roughness measurement but also profile measurement. The switch of roughness and profile measurement function can be realized only by changing the measuring needle.




Driver: DS standard driver / Dc ceramic driver(Can choose according to your needs)


Universal Contour Measuring System Combined Sensor Roughness Measurement Profilometer Machine 5

● Rail travel:100-150mm

● Number interval: 0.2~2µm

● Contour straightness:0.5µm/100mm

● Roughness residual value:≤0.02µm

● Maximum moving speed:10mm/s

● Minimum measurement speed:0.1mm/s

● Feature description:Standard drive, performance can meet the requirements of part-level contour measurement accuracy, with roughness sensor can meet the measurement needs of Ra greater than 0.1 microns




Column member: Cns standard type column / Cnsl standard type long column

(Can choose according to your needs)




● Range:320~420mm / 520~620mm

● Maximum moving speed:10mm/s

● Minimum moving speed:0.5mm/s

● Positioning accuracy:0.01mm

● Feature description:Lightweight design, frame-type column, long-term use without deformation




Platform components: Mpm integrated standard machine




● Material:marble

● Specification:500*800,500*1000

● Feature description:One-piece design, compact structure, easy maintenance and saving








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