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UNIMETRO -----Reliable Partner in Metrology Industry

December 4, 2020

UNIMETRO METROLOGY---The Metrology Expert around you, Quality and Safety Management Consultant!


Since established in 2008, UNIMETRO has been focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of coordinate measurement technology. We have obtained 15 core patent technologies and won the title of national high-tech enterprise. At the same time, UNIMETRO has been in the leading level in the field of 3D composite measurement technology!
In 2016, UNIMETRO opened a new chapter in overseas business. At present, it has set up sales and service centers in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, providing high-quality services to more than 2000 customers at home and abroad in more than 150 industries. UNIMETRO is determined to become the innovator of precision measurement industry and regards the further improvement of manufacturing precision as a lifelong mission!

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● We have a group of professionals who love the measurement industry. With the professional technical knowledge and more than ten years' rich experience in the visual measurement industry, 3d-CMM detection industry and non-standard online detection field, we provide customers with complete measurement solutions.

● UNIMETRO cooperates with Renishaw, external array, IDS, THK, Panasonic and sentech,to provide users with more complete product service solutions to meet the testing requirements in different fields.

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● Except the instruments for accurate measuring as vision measurement machine, coordinates measurement machine and profile projectors, Our production line are also including core components for optical metrology, such as VMM one basket controllers, lens, camera system, linear scales, VMM and CMM fixtures, illumination system etc.

● Our customers are widely distributed in hardware, mold, circuit board, electronic components, plastic / rubber products, stamping parts, clocks, connectors, automobile inspection tools, automobile manufacturing, touch screen detection, bottle blank detection and other industries. Sunway has become a reliable partner in many famous enterprises in quality assurance, product design, process control and other important links.

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● UNIMETRO adheres to the development concept of "based on China and serving the world", gives full play to the advantages of domestic manufacturing and builds each of our equipment with international quality requirements, so as to provide customers with more competitive products and services, help customers create greater value and feedback customers' trust in us.

● Our vision is to make continuous efforts to improve the well-being of employees, take responsibility for the harmony of social environment, empower the progress of global precision manufacturing, and create value for the development of global customers!


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