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Unimetro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

Unimetro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd Unimetro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd Unimetro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
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Unimetro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
No. of Employees: 80~90
Annual Sales: 5000000-6000000
Year Established: 2007
Export p.c: 40% - 50%
About Us

Since established in 2007, UNIMETRO has been focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of coordinate measurement technology. We have obtained 15 core patent technologies and won the title of national high-tech enterprise. At the same time, UNIMETRO has been in the leading level in the field of 3D composite measurement technology!

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In 2016, UNIMETRO opened a new chapter in overseas business. At present, it has set up sales and service centers in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, providing high-quality services to more than 2000 customers at home and abroad in more than 150 industries. UNIMETRO is determined to become the innovator of precision measurement industry and regards the further improvement of manufacturing precision as a lifelong mission!

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We have a group of professionals who love the metrology career. With the team's professional technical knowledge and more than 10 years of experience in the visual measurement industry, 3d-cmm detection industry and non-standard online detection field, we provide customers with complete measurement solutions. Unimetro maintains cooperation with Renishaw, external array, IDS, THK, Panasonic, sentech and other measurement technology companies to continuously enrich the product line to provide users with more complete product service solutions to meet the detection requirements in different fields.

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Unimetro metrology not only has core products such as image measuring instrument, coordinate measuring instrument and contour projector, but also has core components of optical metrology, such as CMM controller, lens, camera system, grating ruler, CMM and CMM fixture, light source system, etc.
Our customers are widely distributed in hardware, mold, circuit board, electronic components, plastic / rubber products, stamping parts, clocks and watches, connectors, automobile testing tools, automobile manufacturing, touch screen testing and other fields, bottle blank testing and other industries. In quality assurance, product design, process control and other important links, has become a reliable partner of many well-known enterprises.

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15 20 150 2000
Core patent countries and regions Industry application Customer case
Visual Measurement Machine
Visual Measurement Machine
Visual Measurement Machine
Visual Measurement Machine


Established in 2007, Unimetro started from manufacturing the vision measurement machine. For years' of experience we have been to the front line of the China metrology industry and integrated all the best resource in the industry. Until today we have built and sold thousands of vision measurement machine and 3D coordinates machines in China, and have the best supply chain to ensure all our products reach the possible best quality for our customers.
And we haven stopped our pace and innovation, when we created a complete product line for metrology we started the oversea sales in 2012. With varies of cooperation with the world wide factories and metrology experts we have improved the products to an international standard.
Unimetro makes universal metrology, we offer universal metrology solution in world wide range. We do not build the best metrology in the world, but we commit to build the metrology with the best price performance.


We offer the best metrology solution and OEM service for our customers, also technical and commercial support. Cooperating with Unimetro is the best entrance for more experience of the high ranking Chinese metrology products.
Remote online supporting, on site installation, technical training, metrology consulting service are all available from Unimetro. We have professional exporting, before sales and after sales department for our cooperators, offers the most professional products and service for our customers.
For more information or support please contact our representatives or exporting department.

Our Team

We have production, R&D, before and after sales service, exporting and consulting department, ensures our customers have the best experience of cooperation.
Unimetro also have 2 branches in Hongkong, to offer more convenient purchasing channel for buyers. Customers only have to send order, pay or L/C directly to our Hongkong Branch account, and we will arrange the exporting to customers site. Avoiding the strict and complicated foreign exchange process of China. Customers or dealers are more easy to get the ideal products in much shorter time. Much more flexible for dealers to manage the sales plan and stock.

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